01 1000 + R & D Staff

R & D employees are the cornerstone of our business.

No commercial products would be possible without their long-term dedication,innovation and pursuit of better therapeutics.

02 300 + QC/QA Staff

Quality management: spans through the whole development and commercialization process with all staff involved and emphasis on continuous improvement.

cGMP Compliance: 4 U.S. DMFs in 2014 with zero deficiency observed at on-site inspection; 34 APIs with China GMP certificates; EU-GMP in June 2014. CTTQ was the first company that obtained the national new version of GMP certification in 2011 in China.

03 Manufacturing Capacities

FDF capacity: Small volume injection & oral solid dosage forms; Large volume injection & lyophilized powder for injection; Prefilled syringe (Oncology & Hormones); other anti-tumor preparation (injectables, tablets, and capsules).

API capacity: 120 metric tons of APIs and intermediates.
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