R&D CTTQ has established several R&D centers to develop innovative drugs, generics and biopharmaceuticals.

R&D Institute

CTTQ R & D Institute was founded in 1985 to develop innovative drugs, generics, and biopharmaceuticals. We have 2 R & D centers in Nanjing and Lianyungang, and 2 more centers under construction. The annual R & D expenditure, which is ¥720 million in 2015, is more than 8.5% of CTTQ’s annual revenue. The institute ranks as one of the “Top 5 most innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China”.


Therapeutic Areas (% of Total Projects)

  • 0 Oncology
  • 0 Hepatitis
  • 0 Antibiotics
  • 0 Respiratory
  • 0 Cardiovascular
  • 0 OTHER
  • R&D Team

    CTTQ R & D Institute has more than 800 employees, specializing in chemistry, biology, pharmacology, analysis, and medical science, etc. Over 60% of them hold Master or Doctoral degrees.
  • Patents

    By the end of 2015, CTTQ has filed 442 patents, including 413 inventions. Among them, 208 patents have been granted, including 180 inventions. Other 89 patents, including 38 PCTs and 51 national patents, have been filed abroad, and 22 of them have been granted.
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